Figured you’d like to meet the practitioners and vendors who’ll be giving talks, doing demos and exhibiting at our Equine Health & Wellness Fair May 13 from 10am – 3pm. So here goes, listed alphabetically:

Mike Broanson of Cutting Edge Hoof Care is a holistic farrier from Taylor.  His special communication with each horse enables him to figure out the best way to trim and shoe a horse as well as to address horses with special needs. He’ll be doing a demonstration in the aisle at 2:30. For more information on Mike visit or find him on Facebook.

Debra Eberhardy is a human acupuncturist with offices in Wisconsin Rapids and Woodruff. She’ll be doing ongoing demonstrations in her booth and will be available for personal acupuncture sessions and consultation. After all, if we don’t take of ourselves as riders how can we successfully care for and effectively ride our horses?

Monica Geiger of Geiger Equine Dental LLC out of Neenah will be explaining the ins and out of equine dental care in her booth. In addition, she will do a demo at 2pm with Reba (who has a parrot mouth) in the round pen.  The demo will show how she assesses a horse’s dental condition.

Brian Grey of Northern Lights Chiropractic is both a human and equine chiropractor as well as a saddle fitter from Osceola.  He will be available all day to discuss all aspects of chiropracty as well as aid those needing saddle fitting assistance.  He will be doing an equine chiropractic demonstration at 1pm in the round pen with Reba, our lesson horse who needs regular chiropractic care.  More information on Brian can be found at

Mary Justice, LMT/ESTM is both a human and equine massage therapist located in Eagle River. She will be doing an abbreviated equine massage demo at 10am in the round pen on Lena, our 28YO Azteca mare, where she will show the many similarities between horse and human anatomy.

Nancy & Larry Kinnett of Borealis Holistics will be available all day to assist with reiki and energy work demonstrations. In addition to their many holistic healing techniques, they are accredited in herbal medicine and shamanic healing.  More information can be found at  At 3pm they will be in the round pen demonstrating both equine and rider reiki.

Dr. Taryn Lindbeck, DVM/CVA is a veterinarian and equine acupuncturist with Serenity Veterinary Services out of Eagle River.  In addition to her medical background, she is a recognized endurance rider. Dr. Taryn will be available all day to answer questions on equine (and other animal) acupuncture.  She is also accredited in Chinese Medicine.  Her demonstration is in the aisle at 1:30 with Tango.  More information on Dr. Taryn is at

Juli Lynch, PhD, author, equestrian and equine facilitated coach and founder of Epala. In her practice Juli uses horses to assist her human clients to become more fully expressive and alive, eliminate negativity and so much more.  She will be available to answer your questions about her methods and her books.  Juli will give a demonstration with Lena on Chakra clearing at 11:30 in the aisle.  More information on Juli can be found at

CJ “Cynthia” Marten, BF/BPF of Northwoods Health and Wellness is the founder of Access Consciousness which empowers people to know what they know and to live in gratitude without any judgment of anyone or anything.  She will be available all day to help you connect with the different aspects of your life through the 32 bars of energy.  More information can be found at

Holly McMullen of Gwynedd Saddlery will be here with all of her lovely wares for both horse and human.  (Yeah!  I need stuff!)  Gwynedd Saddlery is a full service tack shop located both in Irma and PA.  Holly is also a saddle fitter available to answer your questions.  More information can be found at

Jean Nitz, Independent Norwex Consultant, will be available to discuss and demonstrate various Norwex products and to advise how they might assist in your everyday life. Visit for more information or find Jean on Facebook at Jean Nitz Norwex Independent Sales Consultant.

Rad Watkins, author and founder of Animal Leadership will be available all day to discuss how the horse can teach us to be more assertive (not to be confused with more aggressive) thus helping us to communicate better, get respect and be more respectful of others.  It’s also essential in horse training.  Rad will demonstrate his techniques in the round pen with one of his horses.  More information can be found at or

Natalie Watland of Art by Natalie will be here displaying her lovely equine art and imagery. Natalie is especially known for her interior and exterior murals for both residential and commercial customers.  Visit for more information.

Mickey Wendland is an elementary school music teacher, horse owner, musician and vocalist.  She will be available during the day to discuss the scientific evidence linking music and its effects on animals.  Not all music is healing!  She will be giving a talk in the aisle at 12:30.

Laura Ann Toepfer of Litlbit of Scents uses essential oils (primarily Young Living) to promote healing and feelings of well being. “We are only scratching the surface of what essential oils can be used for.”  She has worked extensively with horses as well as humans and other animals.  She will be doing a demonstration using Tango in the aisle at 10:30.

So there’s our line up.  Looks like it will be a full, fun and educational day!  Food and beverages available from Milky Way Coffee Co.,

See you on the 13th!

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