John Stagg, Doctor of Chiropractic, Core Balancing Workshop 4/30

Dr. John will begin the Workshop at 10a.m. with chiropractic work on a horse that has never had any type of treatment done on him before.  John will show us how he evaluates a horse and then begin the process of balancing his core, straightening crookedness, and addressing arthritis, other health issues and whatever else the horse presents. It’s interesting to watch how the horse responds to John and often “assists” him by leaning into the pressure or enhancing a stretch or bend.  Of course, the horse may just as well indicate that the procedure is too much or that he has had enough.  John is quick to read what the horse is “saying” and adjusts accordingly.  Fascinating stuff!  We have an interesting array of horses that John will be working on, explaining as he goes and answering questions.  John will also give us methods to work with our own horses.  Milky Way Coffee Co. will be available during the Workshop with specialty coffee and tea drinks.  Lunch is included in the $30 fee.  If you’d like your horse worked on, please contact Debra at 715-542-3742 to reserve a spot.  The cost to have your horse treated is $130 which includes your workshop fee, lunch and stabling.  More information is available on the events page of the website,




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Debra StephensonJohn Stagg, Doctor of Chiropractic, Core Balancing Workshop 4/30