Equine Core Balancing with John Stagg, Doctor of Chiropractic April 30


What is Core Balancing? It is a method of body work employed by a trained practitioner that redistributes a horse’s weight properly to its extremities. Treatment consists of a series of manipulations using the careful application and release of pressure with a thorough understanding of the dynamic structure of the horse. It is virtually painless, working with the horse, not against it, to achieve lasting results. Many horses show immediate relief from painful symptoms. It’s not uncommon to see a horse participate in its own treatment. They know they are twisted up and want desperately to uncoil and relax. Weight begins to redistribute over the extremities and the horse’s balance improves. The amount and speed of improvement depends on the age of the horse and the severity of its physical problems. Equine Core Balancing improves balance, collection, flexion, strength, agility, speed, suspension, extension, propulsion, coordination, timing, gaits, responsiveness, willingness, mental condition, endurance, resilience and recovery from work, stress or illness… Resulting in a happier, healthier horse!

This unmounted workshop includes lecture, demonstrations, question and answer time and lunch. Cost is $30/person. If you’d like your horse worked on the cost is $130 which includes the workshop and stabling.

Who is John Stagg? John began his 30 year career as a human Doctor of Chiropractic and continues this practice on a limited basis. He began assisting an equine chiropractor and discovered he had a real knack for working with horses. He completed the required courses for equine chiropractic and became licensed while continuing to work with his mentor. Now, many years later, his equine clients span the entire state of WI although he is headquartered in Janesville.

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Debra StephensonEquine Core Balancing with John Stagg, Doctor of Chiropractic April 30