Your Horse Reflects Your Personality!


We are pleased to welcome Juli Lynch, PH.D, for a clinic August 28 & 29! Juli has a Doctorate in Human and Organizational Development Psychology. She combines her work as a personal life coach and professional executive coach along with her training as a certified riding instructor/trainer, Advanced Epona Approach instructor, and her experience with multi-sport athletics (which includes being part of the US Navy SEALS team in an epic race across Patagonia, Argentina), to work with horse and human bringing better understanding and harmony. In addition to Linda Kohanov (author of The Tao of Equus and founder of the Epona Approach,, Juli has worked with Peggy Cummings (Connected Riding), Sally Swift (Centered Riding) and Linda Tellington-Jones (Tellington Method). To discover more about Juli visit her website,

One of Juli’s books, The Personality Archetypes of Horsemanship, will be the basis of our clinic. Our personalities influence our relationships with our horses. Since our horses have an uncanny ability to bring out the personality in humans, they can elicit from us who we truly are – controlling, accommodating, spoiling or risk-taking. Whether they are standing on our foot while we halter them, jumping a fence, cutting a cow, passaging down the long wall or fidgeting while we try to fly spray their legs – they behave – we respond and our response reveals who we are. We will explore how our personalities impacts and influences our relationship with the horses in our lives. The exciting news is that personality is not fixed. Therefore, if you realize that your current personality is not working for the outcomes you desire with your horse (or even the people around you), you can work to change it. And horses – because of their honesty will respond immediately to those changes. They can become our most treasured teachers in learning about ourselves.

We will begin the clinic Friday at 5p.m. with a Wine & Cheese Reception at which time Juli will meet with each participant for an individual assessment and will describe The Seven Aspects of Human and Horse Transformation. Saturday will begin at 9a.m. with individual 90 minute mounted and unmounted sessions based on her assessment and what the rider hopes to accomplish.

The fees for both rider and auditor include a copy of Juli’s book, The Personality Archetypes of Horsemanship, as well as the Wine & Cheese Reception on Friday and lunch and refreshments on Saturday. Please visit the Events Page at Plum Lake Dressage for further information on this clinic and to upload the registration form and questionnaire.

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