Rider List for Katie Hiller Clinic Aug 8 & 9

Revised Rider Run Schedule for the Katie Hiller Clinic August 8 & 9: Saturday beginning at 9a.m.: Debra/Tango; Sheri/Kaloa; Chrissy/Cola; Lunch; Penny/Flash; Sharon/Irish; Kristen/Angelina. Sunday beginning at 8a.m.: Penny/Flash; Kristen/Angelina; Chrissy/Cola; Brigid/Amber; Lunch; Helena/Raz; Sharon/Irish; Debra/Tango. Again, this isn’t set in stone as we try to accommodate everyone’s busy schedules. If there are those who still want to ride, we have 1 ride available on Saturday. Get in touch with either Debra (cell 414-312-1630) or Penny (cell 715-892-2216). Also, if you’re planning to audit, please let us know so we have adequate eats!! Thanks!

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Debra StephensonRider List for Katie Hiller Clinic Aug 8 & 9