The Benefits of Working With Fred Kappler

I’ve been asked why I believe Fred Kappler is such an excellent clinician to work with. Well, here’s my reply!:

In addition to his vast years of experience and his having worked with some of the greats in classical dressage, he is one of the most well read persons of all types of equine literature from the classics to modern that I’ve ever met. He has the uncanny ability to take this wealth of knowledge and translate it to the horse and rider he happens to be working with. A pretty remarkable accomplishment in my opinion!

One of the specific things I appreciate about working with Fred is his use of ground work and applying it to riding. He works extensively with his students teaching them the intricacies of in hand work and flexions. These then are reiterated and reinforced under saddle. I know of few that do this so well or, for that matter, do it at all!

Another huge benefit of working with Fred is his use of the quadrille at the end of each clinic day. All riders who wish to participate, saddle up to work on patterns for the quadrille. The coordination needed by horse and rider to stay in the correct tempo with the other riders is amazing and takes every ounce of concentration! Just riding in an arena with a bunch of other riders of different capabilities, horse sizes and temperaments – wow, what a feat, and such a great experience. It’s scary, but so worth the effort! Our “performance” is at the end of the clinic and many participants invite friends and family to come watch!

These, for me, are the highlights of working with Fred Kappler, and the reason we at Plum Lake Dressage look forward to each opportunity we have to get Fred to come for a clinic!


FYI:  Our next Fred Kappler Clinic will be in October (dates to be determined).  Watch the Events page for more information!fred

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Debra StephensonThe Benefits of Working With Fred Kappler